Looking for a beta

So… I have around 4,2 k words for the upcoming "Under the Sea" issue that need betaing. Is anyone interested in helping me with that?

English is not my mother tongue so there's likely awkward phrasing, too long sentences, misplaced comas and other things that only make sense in my head.
Also, my characters are supposed to be from England so if someone could point any and all americanisms so I can clear them off, I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance. :-)

about posting on bb_shousetsu

I am currently working on starting a voice drama group where members can bring stories to life (or at least to the nearest mp3 player, heh). I'm not sure if people are familiar with the concept but the idea stemmed from Japanese voice acting/drama CD. Amateur voice drama groups are hugely popular in China and there are many amateur groups who do excellent productions there; I hope to bring the same concept to the western world. Shousetsu features some amazing authors who I would be very interested in collaborating with. Thank you for your time!
Do you have an interest in voice acting? Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks or radio dramas? Are you interested in being part of the first English gay themed drama group?

We are looking for male and female voice actors! Other open positions include sound post production, script writer, graphics artist, cover singer, and casting director. The final products will be freely distributed and there will be no financial compensation. Please send me an ask if you are interested in applying.

Quick question about AO3

I couldn't find an answer to this in the main comm admin posts. I have an account on AO3 and I'd like to put my SSBB stories up there, which I gather from the AO3 TOS is acceptable. I see there is also a SSBB collection on AO3, but it obviously doesn't have every story in it. Am I right in thinking this is situation where people who've uploaded their stories to AO3 can add them to the collection, rather than a mirror of the full content? Is there any validation/permission needed to verify that a story did appear in an issue of SSBB etc?
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Off Topic: Submit to BIgWorldNetwork's Spring Season!

Hey guys, BigWorldNetwork is looking for submissions for serialized original fic (slash a-okay!) by April 1st. All you need to do by then is submit the first chapter/episode (4-10 pages long) and a brief description of your series concept. Successful submissions get their work recorded, and distributed in both written and audio form, as well as a chance for your work to be published in physical book form. (Also, they'd eventually like to pay you.) As a narrator for their site, it would be awesome to be able to perform works from talented ssbb authors!

Link to the guidelines!

PS. for all of you that are as paranoid as I am about putting your real face/real name on the internet, the guys who run the site are totally cool with you operating under a pseud and using photos of things that are not you as your bio pic (my photo is one of my plushies in front of my mic).

December: The catch-all month?

I ended up totally running out of time for my October story and found myself thinking "Oh well, I'll just finish it later and submit it in December." I did this last year too, which has got me thinking: is it just me? Anyone else use December as a backup for stories you might not finish in time? XD Or do you even just hang on to something and submit it for another theme that it also happens to fit into?
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So, I was cleaning out my office today, and I found these. They're 2 issues of Bang*Bang that I printed out to read at work, back when I had a boring telephone job.

These are printed double sided. Those two blue folders are one single issue. All three of them together weigh almost a pound. Now think, there are at least thirty more of these folders in unprinted material in the archives. That number is more likely to be sixty folders, because it's hard to cram an entire issue into one folder.

Sixty of these folders worth of writing. That is not an insignificant number of pages.

By which I mean to say, the contributors to this project produce an amazing volume of work, and I think it's something to really be proud of. :)

Podfic as an alternate story format

Hi everybody,

I recently contacted the editors of the ssbb to see if there was a possibility to get podfics of old ssbb stories included in the greatest hits edition.

Now, that as such is unfortunately not possible due to the fact the file format of a podfic is obviously very different to the .pdf or ebook format the editors have in mind for the greatest hits edition.

I nevertheless wanted to see if there was anybody else out there who has done something like that before or would be interested in doing it in the future.

For reference, here are the two podfics of ssbb stories I have done so far:

The Spell and Promise

I definitely have a couple more stories in mind that I would like to podfic if the authors agree.

And who knows, if there is a bigger interest in that the editors might even be willing to put podfics on the ssbb archive website.

Any thoughts?

First timers?

Guh, I've been craving a discussion about SSBB ever since I signed up, so here goes nothing. :D

So this is my first time writing something for SSBB (well, second technically, though I didn't actually submit what I wrote last time). I saw a few others in the sign up thread mention it was their first time too, so I thought I'd make a post about it. I, for one, am as nervous a squirrel in a nutcracker factory. The quality of writing here is just oh so very good and it's all a little intimidating. I'm going to be rereading and rereading my story 'til my eyes bleed before I dare to send it along for inspection.

I also caught myself wondering if there's such a thing as too much porn at one point, which was worrying.

Anyway, are you a first-time SSBB writer? Are you nervous? Excited? Nearly finished your story already? Not started yet?

And for the veterans, how did you feel when you submitted your first story? Any advice for newblets such as myself? Care to offer your preferences in regards to porn/plot ratios? :D
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rec list: morbid and creepifying

The most recent issue has been spookier than most, it's true, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SSBB scary. Thus, I've cobbled together a list of spooky stories -- a handful from this last issue, most from past ones -- that I found particularly memorable. I tried to make it so that this isn't just stories with traditionally scary elements, but stories that are good reads if you really want to spook yourself. ...Some more so than others.

In deference to those who like to be prepared, this list shall be accompanied by my traditional utterly useless six-word summaries.

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Just a quick post of hilarity that can only result from the way language usage can change meaning in context and out:

Neil Gaiman on Twitter:

The Duke of Uke needs help. Ukes in a Crypt! Fundraising extravaganza! Click now! (I mirrored it, you won't break it) http://t.co/WJ6ji7p


Tell me you didn't laugh. Go on, I dare you. (Also omg how wrong would an issue be with that kind of theme?)